The day is Tuesday, January 17th, and the major snow storm for the winder season has started to encroach upon Seattle.  After leaving work early my brother meets me at the garage door.  He tells me not to freak out as we approach the front door.  As I lays my eyes upon the entrance to my house I see wood splintered and drywall shatters.  …Someone broke into my house.

My immediate thoughts and concerns were revolving around what else was damaged and what had been taken.

The most noticeable things were my watches, some of my brothers bookbags, some cash, family heirlooms of my brother’s, his PSP, and all of our Wii and Xbox 360 games.  Funny thing is they didn’t take any movies, they left the games directly in front of the TV.  They must be Xbox and Call of Duty fans because they left Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 3: ODST (it was only later that I realized that they took Halo: Reach).

This event, needless to say, was is traumatic and it really got me thinking.  Firstly, thank God that they only took what they did and that they didn’t trash the house.  They could’ve taken so much more, like the Xbox itself.  We think they tried to take the Wii, but the got too frustrated with trying to figure out how we had wired it.  The other thing that it got me thinking about were the games that they had taken from me.  As I compiled the list of games from that I had achievements for (thank God for and knew I still owned at the time of the break-in I began to get nostalgic.

It got me really remembering all of the good times I had with each of those games so I pose the question: Do memories live in your physical items?  Now if I were reading this I would be thinking “What?! Are you out of your mind?  How the eff do memories live in physical items?” and I ask you bear with me for a minute.

I’ve spent so much time with some games in particular — Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War, GTA 4, etc — that I find it hard to believe that memories don’t live in those items and it’s a two-way street for each item, I believe.  I spent time beating the campaigns (Assassin’s Creed 2 I got 100% of the achievements — still the only one to date) and I’ve spent plenty of time enjoying the stories, both online and off with Marcus Fenix and the Delta Squad of the Gears Universe so how can I not cherish the battles we’ve been through. Sure, I have insurance and I’d be able to buy these games again, however would it really be the same?  It’d be like the first time Buzz Lightyear realized he was one of thousands of toys modeled after a cartoon.  I could re-buy them and I might remember the epic return to Liberty City as well as taking revenge upon Third Echelon with Same Fischer, but deep down I’ll look at the game and remember that this is a replacement, a sham of what was once mine and has now been taken from me.

Over time the wounds will heal and maybe I won’t feel the same way.  That’ll be because I fall back in that sense of security that I’ve had for so long.

So I turn that question to you, fellow reader and possibly gamer, do you think that a game is a game? Is it nothing more than a piece of plastic waiting to be pulled off your shelf and popped back into the disk tray or is it something more?


Not all posts will be so dramatic or deep, but this is something I feel deeply about now.  More posts to come, more upbeat, more technical, more nerdy.
Stay tuned and thanks for reading!