The Apple iPad 3 launch event will be kicking off any minute now…

What do you think we’ll be seeing?

  • iPad 3 with Retina Display?
  • Apple HDTV?
  • Macbook Pro update?

Only time will tell so I’ll update after the event!


Well it’s been a week or so since Apple’s big announcement.  I have to admit I’m a little underwhelmed by the whole thing.  It was an iPad, but it wasn’t the iPad 3.  The formal name for the new iPad is just that, the New iPad.  Now I know what you’re thinking, okay tell me what the name is…Let’s not get into the whole “Who’s on first?” gag, k?  That’s the name of it, the New iPad.  So, I didn’t take marketing in college and I don’t claim to be great at marketing, however I do think this is a terrible name.  This makes me wonder what the name of the next iPad will be.  Will it be the iPad 3?  Or better yet, it’ll be called “the Newer iPad,” the one after that will be “the Newest iPad,” and finally the one after that will be “the New New Girlfriend iPad.”  Okay, so enough criticism.  Beyond the silly name there’s something to be a little excited about.  Let’s start with the stats.  Rather than listing them all out myself I’m providing a screen shot from Engadget that they’ve already done:

Now if none of that makes sense to you let me sum it up for you… It’s 4G/LTE-ready and sporting a higher resolution Retina display that Apple iDevices have become known for.  To compliment the high resolution screen is the upgraded rear-facing camera, so now it matches up with the iPhone 4/4S rear camera. Alternatively, other updates are its processor, which is now sporting Apple’s A5X chip.  I will admit I was a little bummed that it wasn’t the A6 chip that Apple is already using in their Mac laptops and towers, but it’s still a step up and it’s definitely not something to sneeze at.  The great thing is even with the extra horsepower under the screen it’s still toting the 9-10 hour battery life as its predecessor.  There’s one downside to this digital wizardry, though, the New iPad actually weighs a little bit more, but still not that heavy (ie: you still can’t lay down in bad and watch something without the risk of the new meme I just coined “FacePadding.”

The other thing the Cupertino team skimmed over (and I mean skimmed) was the newly updated Apple TV.  Not to do the same as Apple, but here’s a quick overview.  Basically it’s the same great Apple TV except with some UI updates and the introduction of iCloud’s Photo Stream.  It’s still only $99 which is a great deal since it’s now supporting 1080p video output.  It’s still has the A5 chip inside so there’s really nothing else that’s new with the Apple TV.  I could get into the nitty gritty, but that’s really it.

Now it wouldn’t be an iDevice release with an update to their mobile operating system, iOS.  It, too, received an update on the day of the conference.  It was upgraded from iOS v5.0 to v5.1.

It was mostly bug fixes, however AT&T users can now claim that they’re on a 4G network when that’s not exactly true.  It did, however, introduce two great features that will help the “every person” in their everyday use.  The lock screen permanently displays the camera icon and can now be accessed by swiping the lock screen upward.  This opens the camera and unlocks the phone simultaneously.

When iOS 5.0 came out I turned Photo Stream on in iCloud and suddenly all the photos I had taken were uploaded and I had no ability to delete them…until now.  Now iOS 5.1 fixes that problem and grants you the ability to delete photos from your Photo Stream in iCloud.  You can either select the photo and click the trashcan icon, just as you would a picture in your camera roll.  You can also click the little “share” icon in the bottom left, select however many photos you’d like, click “Delete,” and *POOF* they’re gone forever from your Photo Stream.  Note, however, that if you didn’t delete the image from your Camera Roll then it will still be on your phone.

So that’s basically it for the Apple Conference…until the fall when they release the New iPhone (j/k).  Stayed tuned for my next article coming up.  Let’s just say the game industry and game canon may never be the same again…