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I figured it’d be time to break my long silence!  I hope that you’ve been keeping up to date on the gaming news during my absence from fellow blogger Anthony Jorge over at Give Me My Games!  I was working in Japan for a week and then I went on vacation and even though there’s been some big news I’m back in time for some of the biggest news week in the gaming industry.

I’ll be posting a fairly large update later today and tomorrow regarding Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony’s press conferences today.  If EA has big things to say other than the more info on Medal of Honor and the next Need for Speed then I’ll be posting about that as well.

Stay tuned for today’s update!

Don’t have time to write a whole lot, but Ubisoft is pushing a new campaign to have people tweet, Facebook share, and Facebook invite others to do the same.  Once the shares and tweets reach 1,776,000 then Ubisoft will release new footage (read: not leaked) showing off actual gameplay footage.  Not sure why the states didn’t get this trailer, but you the UK got a cool short trailer showing off some new footage.  The most important thing to take out of this video is that it looks like the small knife Connor carries is not just an ordinary knife, it looks as though the hidden blade detaches allowing you him to wield it as a normal short blade.  Very interesting…

If you want to get in on the action go to AssassinsCreed.com/Unite

Last Thursday Ubisoft released the hounds and opened the Ghost Recon: Future Solider Multiplayer Beta to the public as long as you: purchased Splinter Cell: Conviction or pre-ordered the game.  If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’m a big fan of Ubisoft AND that all of my 360 games were stolen from me back in the February so I kind of lost hope that I wasn’t going to gain access to the beta.  I pre-ordered it but didn’t see the code anywhere, however a small ray of light glimmered in my inbox last week.  Ubisoft had sent me three codes to give to friends so they can get in on the action.  I know that Ubi has been hard at work since they opened the beta and have been tweaking/rebooting the servers constantly.  I know when I tried to play on Saturday that the servers were unavailable.  I haven’t lost hope, however, and I hope you haven’t either!  Because I’m such a nice guy I’m going to give you all a chance to score these.  Beneath the multiplayer tutorial there’ll be an image with two codes (since I used one of them) for use on the Xbox 360.  First two people to use them are getting in on the action 🙂  So enjoy and feel free to hit me up on XBL if you get them, my gamertag is: GraveSpy720.  Leave a comment below as well so I know that they’ve been grabbed!!  Also check out Mitch Dyer, of IGN fame, and his preview for the upcoming blockbuster entitled: Three Reasons to Love Future Solider’s Multiplayer!  Mitch can be found on twitter: @MitchyD

And now…the free codes!

**Please leave a comment to let the readers know you’ve grabbed a code**

In case some people haven’t realized yet I’m a BIG Assassin’s Creed fan and have been from the very beginning.  I’ve played too many hours wandering through Acre, Masyaf, Roma, Firenze, and Constantinople.  These images give us a better idea of what the landscape and environments will be.  I’m very excited that, once again, there’s been screens that have been leaked regarding AC3.  It does make me wonder if this is Ubisoft’s way of doing “viral” marketing that has become so popular these days (ie: MarkOfTheSpiderMan.com).  I’m not complaining if it is, but I think Ubi has enough clout around them that it would still be a big deal if they officially released images of the game.

Well without further adieu, feast your eyes on the ASSASSIN CANOE! 😛

Last week was filled with new flurries revolving around the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, titled Assassin’s Creed 3. It all started when Game Informer magazine posted a promo banner for the new hub on their site for AC3 with them quickly pulling it down.  Later we found out that the first link in the hub would be the cover reveal for the next Game Informer magazine.  Next up was some leaked concept art that we now know is the cover for the special pre-order edition of the game, currently being displayed by BestBuy.com.  Then Ubisoft, either causing this frenzy or succumbing to the frenzy, whetted our appetites with the cover art for the standard editions for the game.  Many new outlets displayed the imagery, however I think Joystiq did it best. Next there was more supposedly leaked images (which didn’t look fake at all) with screen shots with what look like in-game images.  By the closing of Friday the gaming industry was in an impatient uproar as AssassinCreed.com was updated with a snowy battlefield background and a countdown timer.  It was ticking down to Monday morning (today)…

Finally the wait was over.  At 9 AM this morning Ubisoft relaunched the Assassin’s Creed website for their upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3 game.  IGN also did a live reveal and trailer analysis in which they also revealed more information.  If you watch the trailer below you’ll notice the Assassin’s weapon of choice was nowhere to be found, however IGN confirmed that the hidden blade will indeed still be in the game.

I don’t know about you, but I’m as excited as can be regarding this news.  I’m excited for the departure from well established cities and the order that comes from being well established.  As we see Desmond off in his final outing I’m anxious to see how travel will work as we sprint across the trees instead of rooftops.  I pose one question though, will haystacks be replaced with snow drifts? Maybe we’ll get our answers at PAX East in Boston or PAX Prime in Seattle.  Only time will tell and on October 30th we’ll have our answers.

[UPDATE: Just found this image that is pretty bad ass.  Still no sign of the hidden blade, but we see a sweet new dagger.]


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